About us

Our Story

The Daltech of today was established in 2007, although the story behind our origins starts much earlier.

After crossing paths in 1999 during their plant mechanic apprenticeship at Westrac, Dillan Stipinovich and Chad Hood discovered a mutual passion for their work and a genuine interest in delivering the best possible maintenance services for their clients. Despite parting ways to pursue new opportunities, with each forming their own companies, Dillan and Chad’s relationship continued to strengthen.

Recognising a market need for expert maintenance services that would increase the longevity of heavy equipment machinery, Dillan formed Daltech in 2007. As demand for Daltech’s services grew, Dillan engaged Chad to provide overrun maintenance work – leading to a realisation that collaboration would be key to them achieving their shared goals.

Today, with both Dillan and Chad at the helm and backed by the support of a loyal and highly skilled workforce, Daltech is renowned for consistently delivering high-end, specialist maintenance solutions to Western Australia’s civil and mining sectors.


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